Welcome to Dragonfly Lawn Care, your trusted provider of professional lawn care services in Collinsville, known as “The Center of It All”. We take pride in offering exceptional lawn care solutions that enhance the beauty and health of your lawn.

Situated in the heart of the region, Collinsville truly lives up to its nickname. At Dragonfly Lawn Care, we understand the importance of maintaining landscapes that reflect the city’s vibrant spirit. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing top-quality services tailored to the unique needs of Collinsville’s residents.

Our range of lawn care services in Collinsville includes:

  • Lawn Mowing: With precise and regular mowing, we keep your lawn looking its best throughout the seasons. Our expert team ensures an even cut that promotes healthy growth and a pleasing aesthetic.
  • Fertilization: Utilizing custom fertilization programs, we replenish the essential nutrients your lawn needs to thrive, promoting lush, vibrant growth tailored to your specific grass and soil types.
  • Tree and Shrub Care: From regular pruning to disease management and pest prevention, we ensure your trees and shrubs are well cared for, contributing to the overall beauty of your landscape.
  • Lawn Aeration: By alleviating soil compaction, our lawn aeration services allow your lawn to thrive, supporting the growth of robust grass that withstands the demands of Collinsville’s active community.
  • Yard Cleanup: We handle everything from leaf removal to storm debris cleanup, ensuring a clean, inviting yard for you to enjoy throughout the year.
  • Seasonal Services: We offer comprehensive services to prepare your yard for each season, from spring cleanups and reseeding, to fall leaf removal, and winterization.

At Dragonfly Lawn Care, we prioritize delivering unparalleled lawn care services that enhance the beauty and vitality of Collinsville’s landscapes. Let us be your partner in creating outdoor spaces that reflect the spirit of “The Center of It All”.

Contact us today for a free consultation and discover the difference our professional lawn care services can make for your Collinsville property.